Recruitment Process
Outsourcing (RPO)

We are aware of the importance of on-boarding of an individual in accordance with a recruitment strategy and what is required to make it happen. We place a strong emphasis on the fact that a variety of actions must occur in harmony with one another and that on-going monitoring is necessary to ensure that the harmony is maintained.
Strategy and process we follow:

  • Knowing the client organization structure, the requirements, the context of each function holder, and the organization as a whole.
  • Designing a plan for attracting right talent, making right assessment and communication.
  • Sourcing candidates through multiple channels: checking interest levels and suitability validation.
  • If required then manage vendors and internal referrals.
  • Collecting applicant information in a way that can be tracked over time.
  • Interview coordination with panels and candidates alike and other follow up steps in the process.
  • Working with client teams for documentation and offer processing.
  • Candidate Engagement till on boarding.